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New Delhi: Currently, Silicon Valley is experiencing significant employment losses. Around 3,700 employees from Twitter teams worldwide were recently let go. Shortly after, Meta, which is helmed by Mark Zuckerberg, declared that it will be laying off roughly 11,000 people from all of its teams globally. However, Meta and Twitter are hardly the only Silicon Valley tech firms to recently announce employment losses.


Earlier this year, Netflix let go of about 450 workers, Coinbase let go of about 1,100, and Robinhood let go of about 31 percent of its personnel. People who have left their dream professions are discussing their experiences on the internet, including how and why they were asked to do so. (Also Read: Explained: Is the Digital rupee future of money? Will it successfully boost the Indian economy?)

An Indian CEO has now urged Indian workers who lost their jobs in the US and Canada to come back to India and work for his company at such a difficult time. (Also Read: NPS: Get Rs 2 lakh monthly pension by investing just Rs 5,000 per month; Check return calculator, tax benefits)

Harsh Jain, the founder, and CEO of Dream11 has pledged to accommodate Indians, particularly those who have visa concerns, in his organisation in a number of tweets. “With all the 2022 Tech layoffs (52,000) in the US, please spread the word to remind Indians to come back home (especially those with visa concerns),” he wrote in a blog post. “Doing so will help Indian Tech realise our hyper-growth potential in the next decade.”

In a different tweet, he requests that anyone who has lost their job or who knows someone who has lost their work send an email to the business inquiring about possible job openings. Feel free to contact us at if you or someone you know fulfills the criteria listed above, he continued.

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