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Technology is evolving at a fast pace with open fangs. Since the pandemic, the route of technology has been more constrained. However, after the storm comes the peace and the era is changing radically as a result of technological advances. With the use of new-age technology, digital transformation is creating a stir and paving the path for the future. Every industry, including fintech and cryptocurrency, is turning the page as new trends disrupt their businesses and have a massive impact.


Technological transformation across industries 

In response to the various needs, numerous businesses have already made decisions about the technological revolution that has already taken centre stage. However, as we all know, digital transformation strategies and executions are about organizations as well as technologies. Other factors related to intermediary industries that contribute to the overall digital transformation include breakthroughs, accomplishments, projections about future trends, and their impact on ongoing activities. Let’s look at the most prominent ones expected to have a significant impact on the fintech and cryptocurrency industries.

Digital transformation trends 

Fintech industry

Among all industries impacted by the pandemic and revolutionized by the digital transformation wave, the banking sector experienced one of the most extreme transformations. With fintech being one of the businesses reliant on human labour and personal touch, the sector’s trajectory has been a novel one. The rise of digital transformation in the fintech industry has become a new business model requirements to improve client satisfaction, improve mobile banking, and drive innovation through developing new goods and services.

With the economic meltdown, the sector has gained the potential to increase its agility, making it an important trend in the market. However, in order to enable the ongoing growth and improvement that is the cornerstone of agility, financial firms require quick, dependable access to growing amounts of data without resorting to time-consuming manual labour processes. In addition, the outbreak has resulted in customers flocking to mobile services for their financial needs, pushing digital transformation in the banking business. With the increase in the use of smart devices, mobile wallets have become the norm for payment. All thanks to the convenience, security, and accessibility provided by mobile wallets, which have paved the way for digital progress in the finance sector over the years. Meanwhile, the financial industry has already recognized the promise of data analytics, as data has become one of the most essential paths to providing tailored service to customers.

Crypto industry

The future growth of the crypto industry is anticipated to be significantly impacted by the further advancement of new-age technologies. Over the past decade, the cryptocurrency market has experienced rapid growth, drawing in numerous customers across the globe. The fact that it is effortless for beginners to get started in the cryptocurrency sector is only one of the reasons why the market is growing so popular. In order to earn from the crypto trading market nowadays, traders do not need much experience.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges in the market give users the chance to benefit from algorithmic trading. This is a beneficial offer for those who do not have the time to continuously monitor the market or do not already have sufficient knowledge and expertise in cryptocurrency trading. These people can quickly acquire a trader bot and start to generate income. As the sector expands, more automatic trading is being developed for the cryptocurrency industry.

The further development of intelligent technologies can create a simple pathway for beginners to start trading, even the newer technologies are actively displayed in the cryptocurrency market. With the growing trend, it was also predicted that this is just the beginning and usage will accelerate in the coming future.

Undoubtedly, technological breakthroughs and innovations represent the future of business, and the momentum created by the spread of digital usage will go a long way. Historically, new-age technologies were in their infancy, and a plethora of businesses experienced obstacles due to increased demand for products and services. Hence, to overcome the hurdles, industries across sectors have embraced new-age technologies such as AI, ML, Big Data and so on. In a nutshell, it has become the new norm for businesses throughout the world, as well as emerged as the critical aspect in creating transformation irrespective of the domain. 

(The author is the Managing Director at Netplus Broadband.)

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