Bigg Boss 16, Day 47 written updates: Bigg Boss seals off the smoking area, Sajid and Archana get into a BIG fight – NewsUnfolded


New Delhi: The episode, as usual, starts with the Bigg Boss anthem. Shalin talks with Captain Sajid about Archana’s duties. Sajid changes everyone’s assigned chores. Bigg Boss summons everyone to the living room and reprimands Sajid for using chits to assign chores to members. Bigg Boss tells Sajid to reassign members’ chores. Archana tells Gautam that she feels Sajid is being unfair. 


Archana discusses the duties of other contestants with Sajid and advises him to increase the number of duties for other members. Archana refuses to do the duties assigned to her and gets into an argument with the captain. Being upset with Archana, he takes her out of the kitchen. Sajid assigns garden cleaning to Archana. Archana gets into an argument with all the other contestants. Ankit, in a conversation with Priyanka, tells her that Archana has planned all of this just to be seen on camera. Shiv and Archana get into a heated argument over her clothes being kept in the living room. Archana calls Priyanka ‘Naali waali Aurat’. Bigg Boss summons everyone to the garden area. Bigg Boss schools Sajid, Ankit, Priyanka, Shalin, Gautam, and Shalin for smoking in the garden area. As a punishment, Bigg Boss completely seals off the smoking area. Sajid refuses to apologise to Bigg Boss for his behaviour. Tina calls Shalin dumb for not paying attention to Bigg Boss rules. Shalin and Tina get into a fight which ends with Shalin storming off.

Bigg Boss summons everyone to the living room and explains the task for the day, which involves the weekly ration. In this task, ‘Bigg Boss’ announces that the contestants must raid ‘Raja ka Godaam’ which is stocked with rations. Sajid loses his cool over Archana and calls her ungrateful. Archana continues to call Sajid unfair over his decisions during the task.

Priyanka and Soundarya get into a heated argument. Tina Dutt cries in front of MC Stan over her fight with Shalin. Shalin apologises to Tina, but to no avail. The episode ends with Sajid and Archana getting into a big fight. Sajid gets called into the medical room. Bigg Boss wishes Sumbul and Shalin and sends them a cake. Soundarya gets upset with Gautam for not standing up for her.The episode ends with Priyanka questioning the fair play of the Bigg Boss, as she feels Bigg Boss is being partial to Sajid.

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