Bigg Boss 16: Tina Datta’s mom shares video to express ‘nervousness’ ahead of meeting Sumbul, Shalin’s parents – NewsUnfolded


Tina Datta’s mother has shared a video in which she spoke about her nervousness and state of mind ahead of joining Sumbul Touqueer Khan and Shaleen Bhanot’s parents for a panel discussion on Bigg Boss 16. The promo of the Shukravaar Ka Vaar episode showed parents of the three confronting each other over Sumbul’s father’s choice of words while talking to Sumbul about Shaleen and Tina. Also read: Tina Datta is furious after learning about Sumbul’s dad’s comments, has message for him: Khud ki beti nahi sambhalti…


The video was shared from Tina’s Instagram account Thursday night with the caption, “A mother who is away from her daughter, couldn’t express her feelings anything better! An exclusive glimpse of Tina’s mom on how she felt before going onto the sets of Bigg Boss!”

Tina’s mother is seen in a purple saree and saying on camera, “Bigg Boss people have called me there. I am very nervous. Tina’s father and me wanted to meet Sumbul but we had never thought about meeting her in such a way. I am pained to see Tina being abused on national television and the derogatory words used against her. I also have many questions after the incident. I don’t know what will happen, what will I say and what will they show. Bigg Boss is an entirely different world. But I will do the best I can as Tina’s mom. I am missing Tina a lot.”

In another clip of her travelling in a car to the sets of Bigg Boss 16, she says, “My heart is beating faster, I get very nervous in front of the camera. It would have been better had Tina’s father gone for the panel discussion. I don’t know if I will speak well. Tina shouldn’t think later that her mom didn’t speak well.”

The promo of the panel discussion showed Tina’s mother questioning Sumbul’s father about the kind of values he is imparting to Sumbul. “India women are treated as Laxmis but Mr Toqueer is abusing a woman on national television,” she told Sumbul’s father in Hindi.

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