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Ex-pop star Kris Wu has been jailed for 13 years, a Chinese court said Friday. He was found guilty of rape. Kris rose to fame as a member of the K-pop group EXO, and later parted ways in 2014 to pursue his solo career. Fans welcomed the decision on Twitter and shared their thoughts. Also read: Deepika Padukone’s xXx co-star Kris Wu detained in China over rape allegation


Kris Wu was originally sentenced to “11 years and six months of imprisonment for rape”, the court in Beijing’s Chaoyang district said. He added he “was also sentenced to imprisonment of one year and ten months for the crime of gathering people to commit adultery”.

“It was found that the defendant Wu Yifan (Kris Wu) had forced sexual relations with three women at his residence from November to December 2020 when they were drunk and did not know or not able to resist,” the court said as per news agency AFP. He will complete his jail term before being deported.

Reacting to the court order, a fan wrote on Twitter, “I was wondering what happened to the case but they’ve finally revealed Kris Wu will be sentenced to 13 years of jail.” “OMG, I can’t believe it Kris Wu has been sentenced to 13 yrs in jail,” added another one. Someone also said, “omg kris wu is sentenced to 13 years of jail time THE PEOPLE CHEERED!! he deserves to rot in the cell tbh.”

Last year, Kris Wu was accused by a nineteen-year-old student of dating and raping her when she was only 17. It led to a huge controversy which caused public criticism and luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, L’Oreal Men and Porsche dropping deals with the artist.

The incident also evoked the #MeToo movement in China. More victims also came forward and accused Wu’s staff of predatory behaviour including inviting them to boozy karaoke parties.

Wu was one of the most popular and bankable stars in China and South Korea.

(With inputs from AFP)

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