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BTS member Jungkook has asked J-Hope why he didn’t include him in the Run BTS challenge dance video. Recently, J-Hope posted a video compilation on Instagram featuring several HYBE artists performing to their Run BTS song. (Also Read | RUN BTS challenge: Jungkook shows his cool moves from Qatar)


The clip started with J-Hope doing the hook step. Several other artists including Enhypen, Tomorrow x Together (TXT), Seventeen, and New Jeans among others also took up the challenge. The clip ended with Suga and Jimin dancing to Run BTS.

Though J-Hope didn’t caption the post, he added folded hands and purple heart emojis. Jungkook dropped two comments on the post. As translated by Twitter user @btsinthemoment, he said, “Why didn’t you include me jyahope (J-Hope)?” He also wrote, “Mine was okay too, hm…”

BTS ARMY took to Twitter and teased J-Hope. A person wrote, “Tell us hobi, why didn’t you include Jungkookie’s video in the compilation?” A tweet read, “He needs his Hobi hyung (elder brother) to praise him too, Hobi and Joon you gotta post his video on your story.” Another fan wrote, “It’s ok baby you were just going for different vibes that’s why Jyahope did his separately. He still thinks you did great.”

On Wednesday several pictures of the hotel, where Jungkook stayed in Qatar, emerged online.

Recently, Jungkook too took up the challenge. The singer, who was then in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, posted a brief video clip on Instagram. He chose to introduce his own steps and danced to a slower version of the choreography inside his hotel room.

On Wednesday several pictures of the hotel, where Jungkook stayed in Qatar, emerged online. The singer was seen posing with the hotel staff for pictures. He also had a meal with several people in the hotel and shared conversations in several photos.

Jungkook performed his track Dreamers at the opening ceremony of the world cup in Qatar. He was also joined by Qatari singer Fahad Al-Kubaisi.

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