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24-year-old artiste Nanku has been making music ever since he was in school, but the recent track ‘Crazy’, which he has made with Honey Singh, is garnering reviews like never before. For many, Singh is just a mentor who spotted him and gave his talent a chance, but Nanku reveals that he is not just a mentor for him but has been an inspiration ever since he was a child.


He shares, “I have known Honey Singh all my life but I kept it a secret throughout. I did not want the industry or my peers to know that I have such a connection because tab log nazarandaaz krdete hain mehnat ko. I did not want people to overlook my hardwork. But he has been a mentor since childhood. I used to watch him make music. He has been my big source of inspiration and I am where I am because of everything that I have learned from him. From the presentation of his songs to the way he writes his lyrics, he is a visionary. The amount of success he has got in his life is inspirational.”

Nanku further reveals that Singh did spot him, and it was him who saw a talent in the young boy, living in his own world of music. “He did spot me. I was very low-key about my music, but one day I got a call from him and he told me ‘tumare gaane sune mene aur wo bahut acche hain .’ He asked me to come to the studio, where I went with my close friend Karun. And today, we work together with him as part of his team,” he elaborates.

Nanku, who is in the initial phase of his career as for now, wants to make people feel that “I am one of their owns, and I think that’s also going to be the biggest challenge for me. If you ask me, my strong point is productions but I want to learn new things every single day. I only want to create good music that can connect with the audiences.”

Ask him about the poor condition of the Hindi music industry as not many good songs are being made, he tells us, “There is a heavy lack of experimentation in the industry and people are trying to play safe. That’s why recreations are happening. I think the artistes here are very talented, they just need to be given enough freedom. Culture se talent aata hai and India is so rich is culture that there is no dearth of talent here,” he wraps up.

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