10 NBA Players Who Went to Ivy League Schools

10. Victor Oladipo

Victor Oladipo

A Nigerian-American who currently plays for the NBA’s Indiana Pacers, Oladipo during his final semester took on a whopping 19 credits and leading the team to a conference championship.

9. Rajon Rondo

 Rajon Rondo

Born  in 1986, this native from Kentucky attended Eastern High School where he averaged 7 assists per game as a junior. Rondo left school in 2006 for the NBA draft and got chosen as the 21st overall for Phoenix Suns.

8. Gordon Hayward

 Gordon Hayward

Hayward’s commitment to his studies and academic smarts are evidenced in his chosen major of computer engineering as well as the priority he placed on learning. Since joining the NBA in 2010, Hayward has been named an NBA All-Star (2017) and has gained a league-wide reputation for being a smart and savvy player. 

7. Kelly Olynyk

 Kelly Olynyk

Redshirted during his sophomore season , Olynyk demonstrated a strong commitment to academics, earning him the Academic All-American honors. After going for the 2013 NBA draft, Olynyk was selected during the first round as pick #13 by the Dallas Mavericks. 

6. Tyler Zeller

Tyler Zeller

In addition to demonstrating his skills on the court, Zeller has also proven his intelligence and commitment to academics. While attending The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, he majored in business administration, posting a 3.62 GPA in 2012.  

5. Russell Westbrook

 Russell Westbrook

The 29-year-old athlete attended Luezinger High School, playing the point guard position despite being  just 5’ 8”.  Westbrook, whose favorite subject is reportedly math, was originally inclined towards Stanford with his academic record of a 3.9 GPA but he attended the University of California, L.A. to get recruited for b'ball.

4. Jaylen Brown

 Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown was once at risk of not making the NBA draft because he was considered “too smart.” Brown has made it evident that basketball is merely one of his many interests; he has also focused on studying history, meditation, and philosophy.  

3.  Festus Ezili

 Festus Ezili

Born in Nigeria to academically-minded parents preferring Harvard, Ezeli was convinced that Vanderbilt University was his best option based on its solid academic reputation and the basketball program’s recent experience with international players. 

2. Mason Plumlee

 Mason Plumlee

Power forward and center for the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, Mason Plumlee is an excellent example of both athleticism and academic commitment. During his time at Duke, Plumlee dual-majored in psychology and cultural anthropology and was twice named an Academic All-American. 

1. Jeremy Lin

Jeremy  Lin

The first man of Chinese/Taiwanese descent to ever play in the NBA, Lin attended Harvard University from 2006 through 2010, maintaining a 3.1 GPA and earning a B.A. in Economics. This degree choice was a smart move for Lin, seeing that the player earned a reported $11.48 million in salary (2016).