Dragon Quest X Offline Release Date: Trailer, Story, Gameplay

Dragon Quest X is a single-player RPG. Currently released only in Japan, the game is anticipated to be released worldwide soon.

Story: In Tenton, a small settlement the Lord of hell, Nelgel attacks the place, creating a havoc.

The player takes over the body of an orphan, tranferring his soul into a non-human tribe.

Thus the quest in the new body is to seal Nelgel by searching holy emblems and saving the world.

A single-player RPG, players venture around, while fighting enemies, earning scores and finally saving the earth.

Dragon Quest X involves Active Time Combat Style, indicating players have to be quick on their feet.

That is each player now has a waiting time that's ticking by as others as fighting.

It demands prompt action and mastery of players on Active Time Battle system. 

Dragon Quest X is set to release on September 15, 2022 in Japan on September 14 in the US on platforms like Nintendo Switch, PC and Playstation.