SCP: Secret Files Release Date: Gameplay, Trailer, and Story

SCP-Secure, Contain, and Protect is a horror genre-based video game first developed in 2012.

Backstory: Based on Internet famous SCP wiki, in this database are numerous anomalies with an existence not justified for this realm.

Thus the SCP Foundation keeps hold of these anomalies in safe custody, while hiring jail inmates for lab's upkeep.

Gameplay: The player has to escape the premises during a secrity breach, while dodging the anomalies on the way.

Players are to use equipments within reach to figure out puzzles they will come across.

Although in a  frenzy, the players need to keep their wits up the sleeve and stay alert. 

Essentially a first person game, it might switch up in between for uncalled twists, or even become  a simulation ! 

The  trailer for the game is availabe on its official YouTube channel. 

SCP: Secret Files is scheduled to be released on September 13, 2022 on PC.

The release of consoles' version of the game is slated for the upcoming year.