The Best Championship Trophies

10. The Commissioner’s Trophy – MLB

 The Commissioner’s Trophy

This Major League  trophy highlights 30 flags that constitute each of the 30 ball clubs in the league. The splendid cup was designed by Tiffany & Co.

9. The Claret Jug – Golf

The Claret Jug

The grandeur-filled cup first made its debute in 1872 at the British Open. It is one of the only trophies that can also be used to drink from during the post-victory celebrations.

8. The Vince Lombardi Trophy – NFL

 The Vince Lombardi Trophy

Awarded to the winners of the Super Bowl, this laurel is named after the legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi, who led the Green Bay Packers to five Super Bowl wins spanning across seven years.

7. The Ashes – Cricket

The Ashes

The Ashes urn contains the remains from a burnt cricket bail. This was presented to the captain of the English cricket team during their tour of Australia in 1982.

6. DFB Polkal – Football

DFB Polkal

The best trophy in association football is the DFB Polka Trophy, which is awarded to the team that has won the annual National Cup in Germany's top division.

5. The Wimbledon Championship Trophy – Tennis

Wimbledon Championship Trophy

 The Wimbledon Championship Trophy has been ingrained in heritage and history since it was first  awarded in 1887. The gold-tinted beauty is one of the most distinguishable pieces of hardware in sports.

4. The Larry O’ Brien Trophy – NBA

 The Larry O’ Brien Trophy

The NBA Larry O’ Brien Trophy which debuted in 1976 depicts a gold-plated basketball that is about to enter the net.

3. FIFA World Cup – Football

FIFA World Cup

Formerly known as the Jules Rimet Trophy, the 18-carat gold award is worth an estimated $20 million and depicts two people lifting the Earth.

2. The Cymru Premier Trophy – Football

 Cymru Premier  Trophy

Not many awards can match the incredible Trophy which awarded to the winner of the national football league in Wales. Following the Welsh tradition, the trophy is huge and features two giant dragons as handles for the trophy.

1. Korean Baseball League – Baseball

 Korean Baseball  League

The best trophy in the world of sport has to belong to the Korean Baseball League. The winners of the league, get a giant sword.