The Best Generation 8 Pokémon

10. Eternatus

A highly powerful team member, capture of Eternatus helps to defeat Shield and Sword.

9. Scorbunny

This fire type has an evolution quite loved by fans, with each form being uniquely adorable.

8. Sirfetch'd

Also trained under Ash, this duck-variant can be easily found in the wilderness. 

7. Centiskorch

A blend of fire and bug type Pokémon , Centiskorch stands in unique with its abilities.

6. Zamazenta

Failry similar in appearance to Zacian, Zamazenta is the mascot of Pokémon game.

5. Urshifu

A notable addition to series, Urshifu bears a strong fighting stance.

4. Zacian

This marquee warrior-dog was probably the main reason behind Pokémon Sword's success with its ineffable persona.

3. Toxtricity

A new, sublime design in 8-gen Pokémon, Toxtricity is first of its poison + electricity kind. 

2. Corviknight

Corvinight enjoys a really pristine composition. Its steel-type makes it resitant to poison and ground.

1. Dragapult

Pseudo-legendary Dragapult is top-ranked for now, its dragon and ghost type makes it invincible.