The Best Halloween Costumes With Beards

10. Thor Costume

 Thor Costume

Thor  has  different bearded looks  to choose from.  Be it enough whiskers to cover your chin or a big, puffy beard, this protean superhero is perfect for blond men with beards. 

9. Santa Costume

Santa Costume

Not everyone can have a beard impressive enough to be Santa, but if there is, they better flaunt it! Plenty of Santa suits are available- from an inexpensive version to a premium quality outfit fit  !

8. Bob Ross Costume

Bob Ross Costume

One of the simplest DIY costumes for men with beards, Bob Ross never goes out of style. All  needed is a paintbrush, a good amount of patience in crafting “happy little trees,” a good beard, and that iconic perm.

7. Jack Sparrow Costume

Jack Sparrow

A perfect costume choice for  nice and long , bristly beard. All pirates are dirty and shabby, but Jack plaited his beard! As for the pigtails, a friend could be asked for help.

6.Aquaman Costume

Aquaman Costume 

Jason Momoa's on-screen Aquaman sported a fully-bearded look. Be it a brown or blond beard, Aquaman fans can proudly show off their beards in all of their glory. Just don't forget his golden trident! 

5. Hagrid Costume

Hagrid Costume

As Harry Potter fandom is still passionate and quite prevalent yet,  everyone can agree on the saintly nature of Hagrid. His typical accent and quotes would ensure a good cosplay.

4. Jon Snow


Well in our opinion, Game of Thrones had quite a few good beard options, if one is looking for TV costumes plus the beard, Jon Snow knows how to grow the perfect stubble. 

3. Gandalf


This master wizard from The Lord of the Rings trilogy could be your wizard of choice.Classic beard character. There isn't a costume shop lacking this iconic costumes lying around.

2. Drake

 DRAKE Costume

Aubrey Drake Graham—rapper, singer, actor, living meme—may be a real human being, but  also a character who’s gone consistent in his look. The impeccable fade, some OVO merch or a Raptors jersey would complete the look!

1. Bennifer 2.0

bennifer 2.0

Everyone loves couple’s costumes,and there is no better early-aughts throwback topic than the resurgence of Bennifer. A little pretence of the couple on the yatch would do the job well!