The Greatest Point Guards in NBA History

The Greatest Point Guards in NBA History

10) Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson

No one is as smooth as Iverson under the ring thanks to his outstanding handling and finishing  abilities . Also, he stole the show from a top-tier team, the Lakers.

9) Walt Frazier

Walt Frazier

Considered one of the GOATed point guards, Mr. Cool earned 36 points and 19 assists against the Lakers in 1970 NBA Finals. Frazier is a 2-time champion too!

8) Jason Kidd

 Jason Kidd

Although not much of a scorer, Kidd extracted the most from the players he went shoulder-to-shoulder. Many players enjoyed remarkable success playing next to him.

7) Steve Nash

Steve  Nash

Widely regarded as the herald of modern era at NBA, Nash apart from earning numeours MVPs proved game could be manoeuvred by moving fast and going small.

6) Chris Paul

 Chris Paul

Counting as an unfair advantage to the team he plays in, Paul influences the team's performance 10 folds better. He holds a terrific game at every playoff series.

5) John Stockton

 John Stockton

Providing easy work to his teammates, John with his incredible partnership with Malone followed one simple routine, feed and score repeatedly.

4) Oscar Robertson

Oscar Robertson

He combined the best of Chris Paul and Westbrook. Big-O was the first player to average a triple-double over a season, that lasted first 5 seasons of his career.

3) Isiah Thomas

Isiah Thomas

Playing for Detroit-Pistons from 1985-1992, his team battled with the best team out there and earned 2 titles in the brutal era. He ranks as the ultimate floor-raiser.

2) Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

The greatest b'ball player, Curry cracked the defense boasted by the 2021-22 Boston Celtics. He went +15 , leading his team to  win by double digits.

1) Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson

The “best PG ever”  , Johnson helped transfigure the point-guard position and the sport altogether. He won finals game and secured 1980s Lakers' championship by playing center.

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