The Ugliest Sneakers In NBA History

10. Adidas Heat Check

Adidas Heat Check

As athlete played the game, the in-built strips in shoes changed their colours to the 3 signature Adidas strips. These temperature-sensitive strips proved worthless as they got heated up way before the game commenced.

9. Reebok Answer 9

Reebok Answer 9

Not exactly serving the purpose for which they were made, Answer 9 were exceedingly bulky, weighing 12.9 ounces. These too missed the target as the orginial Stormtroopers.

8. Nike LeBron 13

 Nike LeBron 13

This showcase model resulted at being as unlucky as the digit on its name, the colour might remind one of their uncle's '89 Cadillac Brougham.

7. Reebok Zig Slash

 Reebok Zig Slash

Having the slogan "the energy drink for your feet" , these sneakers too couldn't put up a good performance after an aggressive start and turned irrelevant.

6. Jordan Melo M9

Jordan Melo M9

A polar opposite to subtlety, Carmelo Anthony's shoe is  highlighted by a weirdly placed 'M' at the soles. The M9 is so ugly, it couldn't be skipped here.

5. Adidas Garnett 3

Adidas Garnett 3

This sneaker had a design so uninspiring, its Endorser, Kevin Garnett' signature series came to an end, all led by the almost-invisible signature on them.

4. Warner Bros. Big Country

 Warner Bros. Big Country

Much inspired by the NBA, Warner Bros too entred the sneakers-game.Despite Glen Rice and Bryant Reeves being their signees, the shoes couldn't enjoy much favouritism.

3. Reebok Preacher Ice

Reebok Preacher Ice

As grotesque as it looks, the Preacher Ice was the "Kazaam" of NBA sneakers- they made Shaquille O Neal's big feet, ridiculously look like those of a toddler.

2. Adidas The Kobe Two

Adidas The Kobe Two

These snakers have an unremarkable resemblance to Work-in-progress race cars - eager to be picked by rich parties to compensate for their ugly apperances.

1. Under Armour Charge BB

Under Armour Charge BB

A living nightmare, these shoes have their reviews being way more scarier than some horror movies! Contrary to the promise made, these were a slippery havoc with slightest dust.