Top 10 Best Boxers Of All Time

10. Archie  Moore

Archie Moore

This legend dedicated 28 years to the sport and enjoyed the most victories by Knocking-out his opponents. It took him 17 years to gain the world title.

9. Manny Pacquiao 

Manny Pacquiao 

He held The Ring's top rankings for over 4 different decades. Pacquiao received his first world title at just 19 years.

8. Ezzard Charles 

Ezzard Charles 

He held a 39-1 record, along with a 20-1 mark opposed to his contenders. Ezzard had a good rank in The Ring's 'top 10' at both light heavyweight and heavyweight.

7. Willie Pep 

 Willie Pep 

This featherweight champion's record came to 134-1, with an undefeated streak of 73 fights , by defeating his Ring 'top 10' opponents like Chalky Wright. Pep emerged successful in various categories.

6. Floyd Mayweather 

Floyd Mayweather 

Mayweather faced and defeated 23 of The Ring's 'top 10' champions in their divisions. He won several titles in five categories and stands as the boxer with the most PPV success

5. Émile Griffith 

Émile Griffith 

From the early 1960s to the mid-1970s , Griffith ranked the top of the welterweight and middleweight rankings. During the same period , he secured five world championships opposed to top boxers.

4. Tony Canzoneri 

 Tony Canzoneri 

Back in the day defeating every great boxer in different weight classes, Tony managed to beat 40 top 10 ranked fighters . Canzoneri's record is disheveled with multi-fight rivalries.

3. Muhammad Ali 

Muhammad Ali 

He is arguably the most famous boxer. Before his ascent to world champion against Sonny Liston, Ali had defeated four top 10 fighters to get his shot. The well known Ali Shuffle was a worldwide sensation.

2. Joe Louis 

Joe Louis 

Undoubtedly,  the most dominant champion in boxing history, Joe held the record of 25 consecutive title defenses . From 1930 to 1956,  he knocked out seven of nine men who wore the heavyweight crown.

1. Sugar Ray Robinson 

Sugar Ray Robinson 

The legendary fighter   had 14 wins over #1 contenders in his division where he knocked out LaMotta in 13 seconds to secure his place.