Top 10 Best Female Boxers Of All Time

10. Cecilia Braekhus

-Weight(s): Welterweight  -Total fights: 38 -Wins: 36  -This professional boxer from Norway ruled as the undefeated female welterweight champion from 2014 to 2020.

Cecilia  Braekhus

9. Ann Wolfe

Ann  wolfe

-Weight(s):   Light middleweight,Middleweight,Super middleweight,Light heavyweight -Total fights: 26 -Wins: 24 - Born in January 1971, Ann is a member of the International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame.

8. Holly Holm

-Division: Bantamweight,Featherweight (MMA),Light Welterweight (Boxing),Welterweight (Boxing and Kickboxing) -Total fights: 38 -Wins: 33 - American MMA competing at the UFC, Holm ranks  #8 in the UFC women's pound for pound rankings.


7. Christy Martin

-Weight(s):  Light middleweight,Middleweight -Total fights: 59 -Wins: 59 -Christy borne the WBC female super welterweight title in 2009. She was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2020.

Christy Martin

6. Regina Halmich

-Weight(s): Light Flyweight,Flyweight,SuperFlyweight -Total fights: 56 -Wins: 54 - After defeating Hagar Finer of Israel on 30 November 2007, Halmich announced her retirement.

Regina Halmich

5. Giselle Salandy

-Weight(s):  Light welterweight,Light middleweight  -Total fights: 16 -Wins: 16  -An undefeated boxer who unfortunately left the mortal realm too early, Salandy earned numerous titles in the IWBF,WBA,WBC, and GBU.

Giselle  Salandy

4. Natascha Ragosina

-Weight(s): super middleweight  -Total fights: 22 -Wins: 22 -A retired Russian professional boxer, Ragosina ranked as the top female super middleweight in the world for most of the time in her career.

Natascha Ragosina

3. Ronda Rousey

-Division : Featherweight (2010–2011),Bantamweight (2012–2016)  -Total fights: 14 -Wins: 12 -Rousey was the first American female to earn an Olympic medal in judo by winning bronze at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Ronda Rousey

2. Mary Kom

-Weight class: Atomweight and Flyweight -The only female to win the World Amateur Boxing Championship six times, she is widely popularized as the “Magnificient Mary.” She stands as the only boxer (male or female) to achieve eight World Championship medals.

Mary Kom

1. Mia St. John

-Weight(s):  Welterweight,Light welterweight,Lightweight,Super,featherweight,Featherweight  -Total fights: 65 -Wins: 49 -In her first bout itself, she knocked out Angelica Villain in 54 seconds of the first round. Thus she earned her the nickname "The Knockout.

Mia St. John