Top 10 Best Places to Live in the U.S in 2022

10. Jacksonville, Florida


A city surrounded by nature, with more than 80,000 acres of green area. This is also one of the best cities in regards to one's wallet, with a lower cost of living and a median home price of $275,000.

9. Cincinnati, Ohio


With a median home price of $220,000 and one of the top wellness rankings , there’s a lot to like about Cincinnati. With lot of universities nearby , the city also buzzes with a youthful academic energy.

8. Minneapolis, Minnesota


The city is rated third on the Trust for Public Land’s ParkScore list. Further thriving up on greener initiatives, Minneapolis has the highest bike score of the cities on the list this year.

7. Providence, Rhode Island


A small-state city, it is assured to be a bigger draw if projects for a new downtown riverwalk come into being. This city has the highest walkability score of the destinations, making one give up on their car keys.

6. Boise, Idaho


Boise welcomed lots of new residents throughout the pandemic, it’s always offered a high quality of life, with more than 200 sunny days each year and the backdrop of the scenic Boise Mountains.

5. Tampa, Florida


Responsible for more shifting of young job-seekers,  the area has an affordable cost of living; nearly 80 colleges, universities and technical schools in the Tampa Bay area; and high-profile companies like Raymond James, Citigroup and USAA.

4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

 Oklahoma City

The residents get to enjoy around 235 sunny days a year, along the land via 10 interconnected trails or on water with kayaking and whitewater rafting opportunities. The median price of a home are good too!

3. Austin, Texas


Judging its suitability, throughout the pandemic, more than 150 companies announced plans to relocate operations to Austin or add more jobs to existing offices.

2. Charleston, South Carolina


According to a 2021 LinkedIn survey, the city is turning to a distant work attraction. The city boasts of rooftop bars, decadent Lowcountry cuisine and nearby beaches all within a short drive.

1. Raleigh, NC


Quickly earning a top spot as an attraction, Raleigh offers a good place to eat, drink and enjoy the outdoors, with a mild climate that gives ample time to disconnect- all this allied with a low crime rates!