Top 5 Basketball Players With Long Hair


The Best Basketball player Steven Adams is 28 years old basketball player with an average height of about 6’11″. Steven is from New Zealand.


Kelly Olynyk is 30 years old Canadian basketballer with an average height of 6’11″. K Olynyk ranked among the top 10 players because of his attractive long hair.

3. Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez is 33 years old young player of basketball. R Lopez and his twin brother Brook Lopez have received a lot of attention in the NBA.

4. DeAndre Jordan

Here comes another big man with a dashing personality. DeAndre Jordan is 33 years old player of basketball.

5. Ja Morant

Ja Morant a young boy of 22 years old has an eye-catching hairstyle. Morant adds various colors to his dreads that make his hairstyle more attractive.